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The Next Gen

Hooliganism has become the new trend. Gangs are the new norm. It is disheartening to see all the next generations getting involved in street brawls and drugs. The time they should be investing in studying, is utilized in purchasing weapons and toxic chemicals. The system we have set up in our country currently, thriving in academics is the only alternative for employment.

The other day, at the City Bus parking, I came across a group of young boys. They were talking about fighting another group of boys. One of the boys took out a small sachet. I was perplexed to see the boy selling this small sachet, which looked like a small shampoo sachet, to a young girl. The girl handed him a Nu. 1000 note. I froze at the sight. By the look of their appearance, they must have been in their 5th or 6th grade. They were just kids.

It occured to me instantly that their parents must have sent their children to schools hoping for a bright future. It was saddening to realise the hopes their parents have had on them, may remain a hope.


Published by chengadawa

I am 26 years of age. I have Bachelors of Science in Forestry. I have been unemployed for some years and that has caused me a great amount of mental stress and anxiety. It has been really difficult for me to combat my anxiety and mental stress. But writing down my experience in my Blog helps ease my mind and I hope through this, people who are facing same dark period as myself, find hope and reasons not to give up on their smile.

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